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New Products January 2024

New products for January 2024 Gearbox to Block Stepped Washer 22A1150 Gearbox Locating Dowel 22H983 Gearbox Locating Dowel Hollow 12H1824 Distributer Weather Shield 14A9229 Smiths Tacho Ignition Loop Spacer CAT2002 LHD Heater pipe long CAT2004 LHD Heater pipe short CAT2005 Accelerator Cable Support 21A92 Accelerator Cable Support Later Type CAT2006 Tool Roll CAT2007 Microcell Contour…

Custom Work November 2023

Some examples of recent work Classic truck sump repair The sump needed repairing due to rust holes and damage, unfortunately a previous repair of plating over the top did not work so it was decided to replace the whole cap with new. Made with 2mm thick steel, it took some forming, but fitted well with…

Custom Dash Boards

Some examples of recent customised dash boards Flat dash set cut for Halda’s and lots of gauges   Modified Sport dash for rally car with switch module   Fuse panel for a rally car to sit in the dash area for easy access    

New Products October 2023

  Distributer Weather Shield 14A9229 https://shop.catmint.biz/product/distributer-weather-shield-14a9229/   Smiths Tacho Ignition Loop Spacer CAT2002 https://shop.catmint.biz/product/smiths-tacho-ignition-loop-spacer-cat2002/   Battery Cover Strap Hook 14A7780, stainless steel   https://shop.catmint.biz/product/battery-cover-strap-hook-14a7780-stainless-steel/   Battery Cover Strap 14A7776 with Stainless Steel Fixings https://shop.catmint.biz/product/battery-cover-strap-14a7776-stainless-steel-fixings/

Coming Soon

Stepped washer for block to gearbox   Elf and Hornet side grill trim mounts   Land Rover Series 2 headlight mounts Land Rover Series 3 heater tap spigot

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