News & Updates

New Products March 2023

March 4, 2023

Radius Arm Hand Brake Quadrant Brass Bush Hand Brake Quadrant Bush LBS0507   Hydro stub axles Hydrolastic Stub Axle 21A1486 and 21A1490 Tie rod protection plates Tie Rod/Subframe Protection Plates CAT1085 Jack Bags Jack Bag CAT1086 H4 Choke bracket H4 Choke Bracket CAT1087 H4 Spring brackets H4 Spring Brackets CAT1088

New Products February 2023

February 11, 2023

Dip Switch Gasket Dip switch gasket 57H5591 Rubber seal for the early style underwing closing panels 1959/60 Closing Panel Sealing Strip 27H3668 1959/60 Closing Panel Sealing Strip Set CAT1084 Over Rider rubber strip Hornet and Elf Over Rider Rubber Mounting Strip 37H9871 New model of dash added, the “Road Sport” Road Sport Dash CAT1085

New Products January 2023

January 3, 2023

Hornet and Elf Bumper spacers Bumper Bolt Spacer ALA4476 – set of 11 Hornet and Elf boot seal repair panels Boot seal repair panel corner CAT1081 Boot seal repair panel vertical CAT1080 Complete interior light unit 13H4398 Interior light complete 1964 on 13H4398  

New products, November 2022

November 3, 2022

New products added, Stainless hydro fittings 21A1524 Hyrdo Pipe Adaptor, Stainless Steel 17H8232 Nut for Hydro Adaptors Stainless Steel Stainless clutch nut 2K8686 Clutch Hose Nut Stainless Steel  

New Product Bulkhead Air Intake Blanking Plate Gasket 14A9993

September 8, 2022

Been asked for these a few times recently as they have been NLA for some time 14A9993 Gasket for Air Intake Blanking Plate  

New Product – Trimmed Seats

August 15, 2022

Added new product 21A64 + added more pictures of trimmed bucket seat and navigators seat.

New Products – Stainless Screw Sets

May 30, 2019

Added new products stainless boot board screw set PTZ604  and stainless facia screws PTP603.

New Products – Short Air Tube & Bulkhead Blanking Plate

May 6, 2019

Added new products Short air tube for external blower 14A9983 and bulkhead blanking plate CAT1056. Plus updated custom projects page.

New Product – Hydro Spacer 21A1567

January 6, 2019

Added new product hydro spacer 21a1567

OEM hose clamps for Series Land Rovers

September 1, 2018

Extended range of OEM hose clamps to cover Series Land Rovers