Elf and Hornet Front Panel Complete CAT1083. MKII and MKIII

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Ready to weld in front panel using our conversion panel. This is made using the quality Heritage front panel, obviously the front is changed, but also the top slam panel is changed for the correct style with the brackets for the bonnet pull and the bumper brackets are changed for the earlier style. The jointing points remain unfilled so if you have to “adjust” the panel into position it does not crack the filler out and often the final adjustment to fit your light units is better done when it is welded to the car. I have found it beneficial to mount the light units to the car before welding in place as this maintains the shape better

These are made to order on request, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for manufacture. later MK2 or MK3 – MK3 does not include the air intake tubes, these are available separately as I have found it easier to put these on after the panel has been fitted. MK1 and early MK2 available, please ask for a price as these need to have the skirt extended.

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