Hornet and Elf Bumper set stainless steel


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Hornet and Elf bumper set made from stainless steel.

I have had commissioned for me 15 sets of bumpers by a renowned company who manufactures a wide range of classic car bumpers in stainless steel. They look absolutely stunning.

They are not cheap, but when you consider sourcing a set of bumpers and over riders and then having them re chromed, this is a cost effective alternative

A couple of points to note –

The over riders will not fit original bumpers and original over riders will not fit these bumpers. The over riders are matched to these bumpers. The profile is slightly different from original, but you will never see this unless you look very closely and compare against original.(I am working on making over riders for existing bumpers)

The mounting bolts supplied have a flatter head than original, the more rounded chrome type can be purchased from sources on line, or it you want a stainless set to match then I can supply these stainless bumper bolts . Also consider the spacers as well, the white metal spacers may react with the stainless bolts and basically dissolve, plastic option are here spacers

The set comes with bumper bolts, over rider mounting bolts and stabiliser bolts all in stainless steel and the rubber mounting strip

Bumpers with over riders

£900 plus VAT

£1080 inc VAT

Bumpers without over riders

£790 plus VAT

£948 inc VAT

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With Over Riders, Without Over Riders