MKI/MKII Fresh Air Intake Reducer set

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The reducers for the air intake system are carefully reproduced as close as possible to the original. The reducers are produced from formers made from original items, with the correct 2 inch diameter tube that is from the original manufacturer. Complete with the correct period style wire clamps. Items are available separate, please ask. Comprises of part no’s 24A2060 24A2061

Hose clamps required are HCS1622 HSC2228

The black plastic hose is no longer available, therefore you will have to source your own tube. Car Builder Solutions has a good range of tube.

For the short rubber tube that is inside the car please see 14A9980.

These are designed for the plastic adaptar 24A1967 and they slide straight on – fitment onto the metal style front panel adapter is tight – a good coating of grease/silicone or gentle warming in hot water will help matters (do not use direct heat,i.e. a hot air gun as this will melt them).

Please note these do not fit a cut down MKII plastic hose inside the car

Cost – £32.00 + VAT

Inc Vat = £38.40