Retro Rosepetal Wheel Centres CAT1094

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Give your modern Rosepetal wheels that “authentic” 60’s look.

For a few years now, good quality Rosepetal wheels have been available from major Mini Spares suppliers.  However, some owners have not taken to them as they differ from the 60’s variants as they have have a 2” hole in the centre, to allow the wheel to be balanced on modern machinery.

These converters to your modern Rosepetal wheels that “authentic” 60’ look.

Available in sets of 4, secured with a grub screw from the inside for easy removal.

PLEASE NOTE! Due to production variations on the John Brown /MWS version of Rosepetal Wheels, I can no longer guarantee that these reducers will fit straight on JB Wheels.  They are 100% GUARANTEED to fit Minispares Rosepetals

(to state the obvious, wheel not included)

£46.00 + VAT (set of four)

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