Series 2 Land Rover 4 cyl Footwells


Hand made with templates taken from original footwells


Hand made with templates taken from original footwells, not patterns, they have the re-enforcing ribs rolled in and come with the extra re-enforcing panel welded in place . These panels are produced for the conscientious restorer that is looking to keep the original features of the panels produced by Land Rover that are not generally found in other reproduction panels. Please take a good look at the pictures and see the detail that is present. Each panel takes about half a day to make and is formed using traditional craftsman’s metal forming techniques.

The series two option here has the original style captive screws to hold the floor plate in position – these are stainless steel, and come with a plastic washer to reduce stainless/alloy contact.

Passenger side comes with the two blanking plates for the pedal holes

The footwells are constructed to as near original dimensions that I can achieve (given the fact that every bulkhead I have measured was a slightly different size !), and I would say for concourse purposes about 95% accurate. (4cyl from a 1960 un molested bulkhead and 6cyl from a 1969 un molested (my own) bulkhead, plus a few others) Forming the ribs does create some distortion and pressing marks which can be taken out with the careful use of a hammer and dolly when fitting.

The panels come undrilled, for a number of reasons – it allows you to accurately locate the holes where you want them so alleviating potential alignment problems and unsightly elongated holes. you only end up with the holes you require and it keeps the final price down .

The panels are made from zintec coated steel so have a good storage life before fitment, though a quick coating of primer will prolong this.

Metal thickness is 0.9mm thick which is the original thickness (20 gauge in old terms) – the originals have lasted for years at this thickness. Using 1.2mm looses definition in the ribs and folds

(Feb 03 update. Unfortunately I have had to put the price up due to the cost of steel doubling in the last few months)

£54.60 plus VAT
£65.52 inc VAT

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